Saturday, November 12, 2011

13/11/1941. Keeping track of time.

Let me begin, dear reader by introducing myself, and why I am writing this. My name is Dennis Gould. I am 31 years old, and a tailor by profession, I also own and operate a moderately successful bespoke tailors in Oxford street in London. A family business I took over from my father, who first opened the shop in 1901. My son, as yet unborn, shall take over the business from me after I die in the mid-eighties.
The establisment where I work, houses a great secret in the basement office. Some years ago, when I was just a boy, what can only be described as an anomaly of Physics occurred on Earth. Put briefly, at 11 o clock on the 11th of November 1918 at random locations around the globe, a series of compact and concentrated worm holes in the fabric of time opened.

Having read that last sentence back to myself, this event seems quite unbelievable. And also I fear underplays the magnitude and mystery surrounding what happened. Having studied physics at school, my understanding was that worm holes where vast and only ever occurred in deep space. So what caused this none of us quite know. All I know is, that one day my father was in his office in the basement of the shop, adding the finishing touches to a waistcoat, he takes a step back and finds himself, instantly in the same location, only in 2003, not 1918.

A doorway had opened that allowed one to be transported to another point in history, emerging from the same location. There is no set destination, as it appears to be random. However I have noticed a patten that one seems to re-appear during some key point in a human conflict. My fathers first accidental excursion led him from the Armitice in 1918, skipping 75 years forward tot he invasion of Iraq in 2003. Quite why this happens is unclear, but my father managed to get back to his own time, and died peacefully in hospital in 1932.

Over time he discovered he was not alone in such a phenomenon. There are 7 other locations in the united kingdom alone that also had a worm hole appear at that exact time, Leith, Orkney, Whitehaven, Nottingham, Tenby, and the Isle Of White, 8 if you include Oxford Street. All these wonders presented themselves to perfectly normal people worldwide, who are now charged with ensuring that these rips in the fabric of time are not abused, profited upon, and are to remain a sworn secret. And it is for these people, and there decentats that this jornal is intended. I myself have been taking regular jaunts through time since my father passed away, leaving me his business, and the almighty responablity on ensuring the timeline remain constant and untampered with in London.

I have seen first hand amazing wonders from history, likewise I have seen technology and culture advance way beyond my alloted years on this planet. It can be a little overwhleming. I recieved a sage piece of advice recently from my father who appearded in my office having taken a trip from where he was based in the 1920's. We had a plesent afternoon cathing up. I didn't inform him of his death a few years ago, as this is agaisnt our rules, but it was nice seeing him look so youthful and healty. Stark contrast to his final moments. He advised that I keep a journal, as keeping track of time as a time traveller get incresently challenging as the years go on.

He said that no only would this help to not run into myself, but also be a great catharsis to unburden oneself with the wonders we have seen, but are unable to share.

This presented me with a dilemma, as the worm hole guardians take disclosing matters regarding time travel very seriously. We are not allowed to document of events or ourselves in history in any way shape or form. In fact just last week, in my capacity as head of the United Kingdom chapter I had to take part in a vote to dismiss a rather selfish gentleman, one Chistopher D. Norris the third, the now former guardian on the Alabama worm hole, for posting a video of photos of himself from 1899 to 2022 on You Tube.

During the vote, which took place in 1983, (as this is the decade Mr Norris was primarily based) I would have no hesitation in describing his condition as being quite mad. I concluded that the pressure of being responsible for a porthole to time in Southern America had got to him, and I can quite understand why. One needs to be of strong mind to comprehend that the slightest action you take can change history, as I write this, I have just emerged from an air raid shelter in central London following a German bombing campaign. Thankfully the shop escaped with only a few smashed windows, but as I am based in the 1940's I have the biggest responsibility, as any action that could change the outcome of the war could be disastrous for the world.

Talking of war, Mr Norris was already on his final warning for trying to change the outcome of the American Civil War, and leaving his IPhone in the 1500's.
Nevertheless I still have an urge to unburden one's self, and as far a i can see, the advantage of a blog is I can restrict the access to whoever reads this to only a select few within our order. In fact if anyone outside the order reads this by accident, they would instantly dismiss my prose as nonsence, or a piece of creative writing. Not that this would occur, I like to think I have enough of a grasp on future technology to restrict the access of this piece to my fellow time travellers only.

Also, I my WiFi signal in my office in November 2011 reaches through to 1941. Which is handy as I can catch up on Eatenders on Iplayer later after sweeping up the bomb damage.